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Kluever & Platt, LLC handles all aspects of the mortgage foreclosure process on a state-wide basis throughout Illinois in strict compliance with FNMA/FHLMC state time-line and fee schedules. We staff our foreclosure practice with experienced professionals capable of handling all aspects of the foreclosure and related processes including loss mitigation, title curative work, title claims processing and litigation reformation actions, and all manner of contested foreclosure litigation. We routinely and efficiently handle related processes including deed in lieu agreements, consent foreclosures, defense of foreclosure suits on behalf of second and junior mortgagees to protect their secured interest and preserve their right to receive distribution of surplus sale proceeds.

The law firm of Kluever & Platt, LLC is a leading provider throughout the State of Illinois of high quality default foreclosure and related bankruptcy, eviction and REO services to lenders and loan servicers of first and second mortgages and security interests in single family homes, condominiums, cooperatives manufactured housing and mobile homes. Kluever & Platt, LLC is currently comprised of eleven attorneys, five paralegals and six support staff. We are proud to offer the highest quality legal services to our clients.

We respond quicker and with a higher degree of professionalism and attention to your legal matters than can our competition. At Kluever & Platt, LLC we know that you as a client or prospective client have choices of your legal services providers in Illinois. Most of our larger nationwide clients use two or three different law firms in the State of Illinois. Uniformly among those clients Kluever & Platt, LLC is those clients’ highest rated legal services provider in Illinois in terms of quality, timely, low cost fixed fee default foreclosure and bankruptcy processing. We are committed to streamlining our systems and processes to efficiently manage and bring to conclusion the volume of foreclosure and bankruptcy matters in your Illinois default portfolio with a minimum of oversight, follow up and management by your employees, thus reducing both your time and costs to manage and supervise the process as well as your investors’ credit losses.

Simply put, we do this by hiring and retaining superior personnel and through a systems- based approach which allows for early detection of files otherwise on a path to fall off timeline. This systems-based approach then allows us to reassign such files so that we can devote customized individual attention to those matters by one of our quality experienced attorneys. Kluever & Platt, LLC delivers superior service on a faster timeline at lower cost to you. The fact that we have only experienced highly trained personnel allows us to be extremely responsive and to deliver old-fashioned customized service at the most competitive fixed flat fees.

All mortgage industry participants from originators to investors, servicers, attorneys, realtors and ancillary service providers have seen the industry change dramatically in recent years. Demand for timely efficient performance has and continues to increase and margins have gotten thinner as expenses have increased while prices have remained flat or fallen. This has only been possible through the implementation of computer technology. While some others have failed to respond to this necessity and are struggling to still try to function in a “time and effort economy” seeking payment for the time they spend rather than the results attained. All key participants in the mortgage industry function in a “results economy.” Meaning they are paid only for results, are accountable for results, are interested only in results and therefore only want to pay their vendors and service providers for results. 

Kluever & Platt, LLC understands that paradigm and invests time, money, and energy to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to systems automation, responsiveness, personal service and ingenuity. We deliver superior service on a faster timeline at the same direct task-based cost without sacrificing professionalism and hands-on service. Our technology advantage enables us to hire and retain superior lawyers.

Kluever & Platt, LLC has developed an integrated sophisticated proprietary software system which is flexible, responsive, and customizable in order to enable us to meet our clients’ immediate and changing future needs. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement custom reports for any and all phases and steps within the foreclosure and bankruptcy processes. 

As many of our clients have learned, it is the law firms and service providers who cannot process the work profitably who then are forced to cut corners resulting in mistakes and delays. It is therefore important to you that Kluever & Platt, LLC be able to process foreclosures efficiently and profitably. Throughout each process from file intake to conclusion all manner of loan, title and litigation data is entered into our database. Data is continually updated as each matter progresses. The managed data serve two key purposes: reporting and document generation.

We work closely with our clients to format all manner of  case tracking and status reporting for foreclosures, bankruptcies, evictions and REO closings. We utilize a wide variety of internal reports to continually track and monitor each and every foreclosure and bankruptcy matter to assure we remain on the appropriate “timeline” for each case. This integrated workflow management and timeline monitoring approach enables us to readily identify potential “problem files” through exception based reporting. We can then act proactively to give those legal matters customized individual attention before they become problematic. Thus we are able to keep our loan servicing clients in full compliance with their contractual obligations to their investor clients. We consistently accomplish our goal in each and every calendar quarter of managing our clients’ default portfolios significantly ahead of timeline requirements.

Loan and case specific data is then exported from our database into a library of various foreclosure and bankruptcy pleadings and REO closing documents; thus, eliminating double entry and the need to manually process each document. Documents and pleadings are thus processed quickly, efficiently and accurately allowing us to provide the highest and fastest service to our clients. The efficiencies realized allow Kluever & Platt, LLC to hire and retain highly experienced attorneys despite charging flat fees consistent with Fannie/Freddie guidelines for Illinois foreclosure matters.